A good eye doctor can determine the best prescription for glasses, but if the lens prescription is not filled well, then the fee for the eye exam is wasted!

Our optical is a very important part of our practice. In keeping with our doctors’ goals of providing high quality, comprehensive eye examinations, our opticians are here to make sure that this commitment to quality carries through to your glasses.

​​​​​​​We use Walman Optical, (an employee-owned optical laboratory in Maryland that shares our dedication to accuracy and quality), for the cutting, edging, and fabrication of most of our lenses.

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​​​​​​​The frames that inhabit our optical displays represent a broad range of manufacturers, shapes, sizes, colors, and fashion. Our frames are durable, high quality, and fashion-forward. We do not use any frames that are made cheaply because, too easily, they become discolored, the hinges loosen, and they lose their adjustment. In the long run, cheap frames become an expensive source of frustration.

Our opticians know about style and fashion, but they also know about lenses and all the various lens options. Some lens materials are lighter in weight and thinner than others. Some lenses can be treated to reduce glare. Some filter out harmful ultraviolet rays. All of our lenses are scratch-resistant (at no extra charge). There are various designs for the popular progressive (no-line) lenses: some offer a wider intermediate area (for computer use) and some offer a wider reading area. We have custom-designed lenses for artists, shooters, stockroom workers, wood-carvers, and even a harpist. In today’s complex world it has become difficult for one pair of glasses to function well for all the various things we do. It has, therefore, become common for our patients to need at least one specialized pair of glasses in addition to their general purpose glasses.

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​​​​​​​At the completion of the examination, our doctors will recommend various options for glasses and will communicate this to you and to the opticians. Our opticians will offer guidance and recommendations concerning the frames you select, and they can answer all your questions about the pros and cons of various lens options. They will take various measurements to make sure that the frames you select will fit comfortably, and that the lenses are positioned in front of your eyes for maximum functionality. And, they’ll help you do this in style.

For any additional information about our optical, glasses orders, contact lenses or anything under the sun, please call us at 410-721-2500.

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