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Thanks for logging on! On our web site, we try to answer the question: “Who is Crofton Family Eye Care and what are we all about?”

First, we are people just like you! We share the same concerns you do when going to a doctor’s office. We wonder: “Will the staff be friendly and efficient?” “Will the office be modern and attractive?” “Will the doctors be thorough, and will they take the time to listen to me, explain things to me, and answer my questions?” “Do they have the latest technology? ”

​​​​​​​We are not your typical eye doctor’s office! We don’t just provide eye examinations, glasses, and contact lenses. Most any eye doctor’s office can do that. Rather, we have organized our practice into 5 different specialty clinics, each one providing a deeper level of expertise than usually found in general optometric practice.

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Each of our three doctors is not only capable of providing the routine comprehensive eye examinations that we all need, but each also has expertise in one or more of these specialty clinics. We will tell you more about these clinics later. But the important thing to know is that we take your vision and medical eye care seriously, and one of the ways we do that is by insisting that each of our doctors be uniquely trained to provide specialty services that most general optometric practices don’t.

But we are more than that! The best compliment we can be paid is one that we hear often: “Everyone is so helpful and friendly!” Every staff member is dedicated to making your visit with us smooth, efficient, friendly, and professional.

It is our hope that when you choose Crofton Family Eye Care for your family, you do so because you appreciate that we are constantly striving to be on the cutting edge of education and technology that allows us to take good care of your eyes and vision. At the same time, we enjoy getting to know our patients, and we treat you as “family.”

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