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Welcome to Crofton Family Eyecare
Your Optometrist in Crofton, MD.

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What is Vision Therapy Treatment for the Visual Symptoms of Concussions, TBI Brain Injury, Lazy Eye, Strabismus, Eye Tracking Problems, Convergence Insufficiency, etc?

Thanks for logging on to our web site! In it, we try to answer the question: “What is Crofton Family Eye Care all about?”

We are doctors who have specialty training and who take seriously our responsibility to protect your vision and eye health.

We are opticians who use our knowledge and experience to educate, guide, measure, fit, and adjust so that you love your new glasses and the vision they provide.

We are office staff who schedule your appointments, prepare your reports, process your insurance, confirm your appointments, answer your questions. And a million other things.

We are optometric technicians who update your medical history, do preliminary testing before each exam, teach you how to handle and care for your contact lenses, perform specialty testing to help detect the presence of eye disease such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy.

We are vision therapists who help you develop better vision skills so that you can learn better in the classroom, perform better in sports, and be more comfortable at the computer.

Together, we provide comprehensive eye care for all members of your family, with specialty services for infants, seniors, children with learning problems, athletes who want to excel, patients with brain injury or stroke. We treat a broad range of medical eye problems from simple eye infections and allergies to dry eyes and eye injuries. We co-manage cataract, LASIK, and glaucoma patients.

We accept many vision insurance plans, and most major medical insurance plans, including Medicare.

We are here Monday through Friday, with evening hours.

Crofton Optometrists | Crofton Family Eyecare | 410-721-2500

1702 Transportation Blvd, Suite I
Crofton, MD 21114

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